"Learn Wing Chun At Home Anytime and Anywhere!
Without A Class And Without A Training Partner!"
"Introducing The World's First Virtual Wing Chun Online Training System..."
"Who Else Wants A Virtual Training Partner!"
  •  Train anytime, anywhere!
  •  No training partner necessary
  •  No physical teacher necessary
  •  No experience necessary
  •  No equipment necessary
  •  Easy step-by-step instruction
"Train As If Your Training Partner Was Right in Front of You in Your Room!"
Virtual Wing Chun is the Only Training System In The World That Has...
  • Will he throw a right hook, or straight jab in the video
  •  You don't know! And that's good!!! because it will force you to learn how to react on the fly!
  • (Think you will start predicting the attacks? Don't worry, new randomized attack patterns are released regularly!)
  • Test your skills with ever-increasing difficulty of progressive, randomized attacks!
  • Makes you feel like your training partner was right in front of you feeding you the random punches and attacks. 
  • It also will help you know 
  • Great for beginners and intermediate students
  • Don't want random attacks? No problem, we have training routines that train in a progressive, logical pattern so you get used to all the movements and work on your coordination!
  • Now you can train of the best self defense techniques I’ve developed over 10 years virtually!
  • What's more?
  •   New Videos are added regularly for you to train different techniques in real time
  •  A systematic progression of difficulty
  •  Train your techniques!
  •  Train your timing!
  •  Train your reflexes!
"Why A Virtual Training Partner?"
Well, if you are lucky enough to find a real training partner, then by all means train him him / her. But here's my experience..

To find a REAL training partner...

-It takes time to find someone who has same interests and goals
-It takes times to find someone who you can get along with
-It's rare to find someone you can trust 
-It's rare to find someone without an ego
-Most likely you will be at different skill levels
-It's difficult to coordinate the same training time
-It's rare to find someone who will train consistently

But With Your VIRTUAL Training Partner... You Can...
-You can train anytime!
No need to find time in your schedule and coordinate a time with your training partner.

-You can train anywhere!
You don't have to go where he is, and he doesn't have to come to where you are. You can train even on your phone.

-You won't get hurt!
Many students have suffered injuries when training improperly with untrained training partners. Now you won't have this problem since it's virtual.

-You won't have to worry about hurting him!
LOL, he's virtual, he won't break.

-He has no ego, no attitude, no complaints!
No drama. Just effective and productive training.

-He won't get tired!
He's virtual, lol, you can play and replay as many times as you want.

-He can train you at YOUR skill level!
Since we have recorded videos with different difficulty levels, you can train at your own pace.

-He won't smell!
LOL. You don't want a training partner that stinks. Trust me.

"What's It Like To Train With Virtual Wing Chun?"
How will your training be like?

Well just imagine logging in to the site whenever you have spare time, picking the lesson you want to learn, and watching it.

Then picking the "Follow Along" practice routine and practicing in third-person mode to see your full body position. And practicing in first-person mode to get your coordination right.  

Then picking a randomized attack pattern video to TEST your reflexes, timing and movement!

All that will last 30-60 min and will have completed a very productive training session!

Imagine feeling stronger, more focussed, and picking up a new self defense skills every time your train!

Imagine doing that 2-3 times a week, learning new lessons each time and testing yourself with harder and harder random attack pattern videos!

How strong will you get?

And you can do all that without going to a class or having a real physical training partner!
"Are You Ready To Get Stronger?"
  •  You can choose your speed and difficulty level also as you progress in your training
  •  You can train 2-3 times per week
  •  30-60 minutes per session
* Stop feeling weak sick or tired.
* Stop feeling scared or intimated by bigger people.
* Learn to defend yourself from getting seriously injured.
  •  Get clarity and laser focus!
  •  Gain self-confidence!
  •  Gain kick-ass self defense skills!
"Warning! First 100 Students Only..."
Get PRO Membership For the Same Price as Basic
Basic: 7 Days Free, then $47 / month - Facebook group support, online forum support

Pro: 7 Days Free, then $97 / month (then ONLY $47 per month for the first 100 Students!) - You get direct private email for email coaching support, submit your videos for coaching
Per Month
  • Virtual Wing Chun Training System
  • Facebook group support
  • Online forum support
97 47
Per Month
  • Virtual Wing Chun Training System
  • Facebook group support
  • Online forum support
  • Direct private email for email coaching support
  • Submit your videos for feedback & coaching
Here's What Students Are Saying...

"IT WORKED!! I was training with the videos in the course, the ones where you used the action camera to record the guy punching you... I got my friend to punch me and I immediately used the "Tanda" technique against him! He couldn't believe how FAST MY REFLEXES WERE! LOVING IT!!!"
-Ted G.

"Sifu David, You da man. Love it bro. YOU ARE THE MAN. We did it. This is perfect. First and best VWC training in the WORLD. Congratulations, I am proud to be part of it and you as my SIFU."
-Robert and Leslie A.

"This is ABSOLUTE GENIUS! It will REVOLUTIONIZE the way everyone learns wing chun and even martial arts as a whole!!!"
-Billy C.

"There's no classes near me and no one to train with, this was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED! Sifu David you are awesome!"
-Steven W.

"I can't believe why no one thought of this before! Virtual wing chun is the coolest martial arts course I've seen EVER!”
Robert F.

THIS IS FUN! ITS LIKE A VIDEO GAME! I joined VWC yesterday and I already tried practicing with the randomized attack videos. BEST WAY TO LEARN Wing Chun! Will be practicing more!”
-Dan T.
I'm new coming into the program, after a couple weeks, I'm enjoying it and already feel more confident! 
It's a unique experience, I was first nervous about it, but I would recommend it, very helpful and definitely a good club - Olivia
Great club, they really adapt the material to your level, it doesn't matter what experience you have, it's easy to learn! -Zadok
Pretty intense, realistic, it really helps to boost your self-esteem & courage, if you feel intimidated you can walk with confidence! 
Ever since IP Man movie, I've been wanting to learn wing chun, CWC combines the classic and modern fighting techniques! -Rocky
I've been doing a boring gym routine for 10 years. Since joining CWC, it's super fun, it's fit, absolutely loving it! 
The reason I joined is because I've been in some fights, I want to get in better shape and be able to protect my love ones -Chris
It is modulated and progressive, you always learn something new. I love it and certainly recommend it! -Daehan
I joined the club and it just felt right. I felt sore and tired after the training and It gave me confidence! 
WAIT! Join Now, And You'll Also Get Additional $500 Value in Bonuses!
  • FREE BONUS #1 - Wing Chun Master Class Coaching Club - Ask Questions to Sifu David and Other Instructors ($300 Value)
  • FREE BONUS #2 - Level Testing Requirement Videos - For Levels 1-4 (Additional 6 hours of videos!)  ($150 Value)
  •  FREE BONUS #3 - Level Testing and Qualification PDF Handbooks -  ($50 Value)
Wow! That's A Bonus Value of $500!
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

We've only a limited number of spots in the club, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!  

If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Free Trial Now Before They're All Gone...
“Master yourself & nothing will be impossible.”
-Sifu David
P.S. - In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you a 7 day free trial membership to my online Virtual Wing Chun Training system with progressive videos that will give you hours of exhilarating training!  You will be able to train anytime and anywhere, and get kick-ass self defense skills through our "first person mode" follow-along training routines, and random attack pattern videos that will sharpen your skills dramatically.

New lessons, routines and attack patters will be released on a regular basis.  To continue after your 7 day trial, do nothing and you will be charged $47 per month to continue your training.  There's no obligation to continue and you can cancel at any time.

Join now and you will lock in your price for the PRO membership for 50% off the regular price.  Also you get $500 value in free bonuses (Masterclass Coaching, Certification Videos and PDF Manuals).
YES! I want to learn wing chun at home now!

P.S. - I promise you, this is the last course you will ever need to learn wing chun from home!  Plus it's absolutely risk free!  So Let’s train together and transform your mind and body starting right now!
P.P.S. - It costs less than a physical class, and you’ll probably get better faster with my virtual wing chun program than in one of the many conventional wing chun courses out there. Click the button to sign up and I’ll see you on the other side!
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